Regardless of your current age and your life’s mission, do you think about the aging process and what it would feel like to defy all the modern stereotypes?

I certainly do and as a matter of fact, that’s part of my passion –– defying the expected aging norms!

This is not some kind of secret society –– you can skirt the undesirable aging stereotypes, too!

This is one of my favorite quotes that really offers us a different perspective!

“Living should not be an exercise in progressive deterioration.”

-- Dr. Ted Morter, Jr., M.A.

I want you to know that by implementing proper detoxification you can live an astounding life and push past preconceived notions regardless of your age!

If you think that gas/bloating, constipation/diarrhea, fatigue, acid reflux, insomnia, unsightly wrinkles, poor memory, arthritis and osteoporosis, sickness and even cancer, are things you will have to eventually endure as you grow older, I’ve got news for you, Benjamin Button –– you can grow younger!

You can avoid these health issues and defy the aging process! By choosing what’s on the end of your fork ––and through proper and natural detoxification modalities–– you can take powerful steps right now so that you can feel like you’ve put the brakes on the aging process and that you’re aging in reverse!

What is proper detoxification?

One of the fastest ways to support anti-aging is by assisting the body in alleviating excess accumulated waste. Any foreign obstruction in the body results in lower vitality.

In my experience, the most profound way to support anti-aging is to couple a plant-based/vegan diet with plant-based medicine (CPTG Essential Oils) and include gravity-based colonic hydrotherapy. 

I’ve been working in detoxification as a gravity-based certified colon hydrotherapist since 1999 and I have found colon hydrotherapy (a water-based treatment that alleviates accumulated waste from the colon) to be the most powerful approach to healing the body compared to any other modality because it directly addresses the root cause of illness and creates an immediate neurological response. Physical and mental health are intertwined.

Allow me to share some really impressive information on the colon (gut) and microbiome and cell function that directly affects the anti-aging process:

Did you know you have over 100 million neurons in your enteric nervous system (gut lining), which is more neurons than contained in your spinal cord and your peripheral nervous system?

This fact makes for a logical transition why it’s sensible to address this area of your body and maintain an open passageway for elimination when it comes to anti-aging practices.

Still not connecting the dots?

Stereotypical aging is a result of improper cellular function.

But proper cell function is related to cellular renewal and cellular regeneration, and cellular apoptosis (the sloughing off of old dead cells).

To the contrary, in the presence of obstruction (dead cells, food residue: IE: meat, dairy, processed foods, pollutants, toxins, etc.) the cells cannot properly regenerate, the free-radical gets triggered, oxygen flow to the cells decreases, the cells that support organ function then diminish, the organs go into stress, poisons accumulate, the body becomes toxic, and disease begins manifesting on every single front. That is the definition of (premature) aging!

Wondering how the aging process and poor mood and mindset are associated with detoxification …and a plant-based diet?

Over 95% of your Serotonin is produced in your gut (in the microbiome) and is triggered by the diversity of plants that you eat. Serotonin is a powerhouse neurotransmitter that is responsible for:

  • Mood & Mindset
  • Sleep
  • Gut Motility
  • Food Cravings
  • Body Temperature
  • Hormonal Balance
  • Sexual Function
  • Bone & Blood Health

Your microbiome is a community of micro-organisms that carpets your body and the majority of it is located in your gut (colon). You have over 100 trillion microbes in your body –– most of which are located in the colon. That’s like multiplying the number of stars in the Milky Way by 1,000!!!

More fun facts:

  • 99% of your genes are bacterial and control your genetic code
  • Only 1% of your genes are human bacteria
  • The microbiome produces and secretes virtually every hormone the body utilizes and regulates hormone/gene expression.
  • 70% of your immune system lives in the colon (Cancer is now linked to colon health)
  • Your defense against disease is managed by the colon
  • Your immune system is only one cell layer away from your colon

Colon Hydrotherapy alleviates the obstruction in bodily tissue thus allowing for the most efficient serotonin production, cell function, cell reproduction, and organ function –– all which impact physical health and mood and mindset, thus allowing you to age in reverse!

If you’re thinking, “Hey, Joyce, I don’t know if I’m buying this philosophy just yet; shouldn’t the colon clean itself?”

I get this question all the time and I can tell you that I had the same thought when I was first introduced to colonic therapy back in 1993! The reason I can speak into this so personally is because I wasn’t having any issues with my eliminations at that time but I still had health issues and when I included colon hydrotherapy I had a huge health epiphany and a personal transformation. So if you think that you have a healthy bowel, you can still benefit from colon hydrotherapy and use it as your most valuable tool to master your vitality as you “anti-age” through future decades!

Colon hydrotherapy not only changed my entire perspective on how our bodies heal (I even left my advertising career to do this work) but it opened up my eyes to the freedom, independence, and power of colonics to prevent disease in the first place.

I came to understand that colon hydrotherapy was the gateway to longevity and how we can use it to truly thwart any (health) obstacles! It’s the first course of action that I suggest to my clients when it comes to addressing the root cause of illness.

So even if you’re current diet in your own estimation is “healthy,” believe it or not, there is residue in your tissue (colon, organs/blood, lymphatic system) from months and even years ago that can cause your body to prematurely age and eventually be the cause of otherwise avoidable diseases!

Before I wrap things up, let me address the most common question people ask me about Colon Hydrotherapy: 

Q: Are colonics natural; doesn’t the colon clean itself?

A: The colon is not a self-cleaning oven! When it comes to hygiene, we can compare your colon to your teeth, ears, skin, and hair: You brush your teeth, swab your ears, soap up your skin, shampoo and even condition your hair.

If you think the colon cleans itself then you should come hang out in a colonic treatment room and you will be quickly persuaded to understand otherwise. Or just pick up a copy of “Colonoscopy: Diagnosis and Treatment of Colonic Diseases” by Hiromi Shinya, M.D. and let the clinical scientific research studies speak for themselves!

If you were to consider that the human body is intended to take in sunlight, water, fruits, vegetables, & raw nuts and seeds then when we look at the typical diet, we can see why so much disease is present in today’s society. As a society, we’re consuming an abundance of chemical-laden man-made products that are far from food! (P.S. 90% of disease is avoidable and reversible w/ a plant-based diet and in tandem w/ Colon Hydrotherapy we can not only defy aging but accelerate the body’s healing.)

What I have found in my 23 years of doing this unique healing work is that most people are only familiar with one aspect of their vitality and that’s the input of foods, which I consider step one of a two-step process. 

The truth is that detoxification is the missing link to longevity and reversing the aging process and it’s a two-step process:

  1. Loosen toxins
  2. Remove toxins

It’s just like sudsing-up our hair and then rinsing the shampoo! You wouldn’t walk outside w/ your hair full of suds, would you?

When you add in the profound ancient modality of colon hydrotherapy you will reap all the true benefits of what a plant-based diet can provide!

I invite you to consider the possibilities of my personal experience and the information that I’ve presented. If you have any questions about how you can defy the aging process and master your vitality so you can be your own “WOW FACTOR” then drop me a line and let’s chat about the bounty of youth!

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