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Humanity has spent a lot of time in “survival mode” over the last couple of years. From the Amazon rainforests to unstable politics, we have all been tested to question our values as we see the system we built no longer sustain itself. What once served us is no longer serving our evolution as a species or a workforce. So what does this truly mean? We have no choice but to step up.

For the first time ever, we are living in a time where we can only focus on one thing - our actual wellbeing. We can’t distract ourselves from our health or loved ones. We are being forced to pay attention to what it actually means to be alive more so than just “survive”. In many ways, Covid-19 is being our biggest teacher. As a collective, we are being forced to wake up and be conscious of how our choices shape our reality.

The Resistance of Fear

Resistance to fear is what creates more fear. It is the resistance that we hold towards anything negative that makes it a primary focus. By resisting what we consider to be our reality we in turn make ourselves more vulnerable. By feeling like the victim we give up our power. It is fear as an emotion which is the enemy to how we evolve during a crisis. If we allow ourselves to live in a constant state of fear, we become a victim of circumstance.

Fear also causes our minds to become very easily manipulated. When people experience fear, they are no longer in a state of ease. They are fearful for their own survival, which if activated for prolonged periods of time can result in conditioned states of fear which can evolve into depression, anxiety & panic attacks.

By choosing to feel fear our immune systems weaken due to the constant defensive reactions in our body due to our thought patterns. It is by maintaining a state of ease that allows us to rationally react to uncertainty which can then allow us to take back control of our own defense mechanisms.

So let's focus our attention on productivity life hacks that can help us evolve in confinement. As we tune in to our bodies and become more aware of our thoughts to rewire our nervous system and boost immunity.

Productivity hack

Thinking with Intention

The Pre-frontal cortex, or thinking center, is located near the top of your head, behind our forehead. It's responsible for abilities including rational thought, problem-solving, personality, planning, empathy, and awareness of ourselves and others. When this area of the brain is strong, we are able to think clearly, make good decisions, and be aware of ourselves and others. To maintain its strength, we must be more intentional with our thoughts. Our internal dialogue only spirals when we don’t think with intention. Our thoughts shape our perception of reality as well as assign meaning to our emotions.

We often forget that we are the creators of reality and a big driver to how we create depends on our self-awareness. To have a strong pre-frontal cortex, we must maintain being the observer of our thoughts and weaken the circuits that we have hardwired in our nervous system. The best way to achieve this is to interrupt our thought cycles with questions that allow you to disassociate. When you question your mind and your thinking patterns, you immediately become the observer.

Toolkit: Breaking the Circuits

Pose questions where you become accountable for your thoughts & emotions. Observe & Release. Using your internal-dialogue & language to disassociate from the thought as being part of who you are. It is simply fleeting information. You decide what you want to do with it.

“Why am I thinking this thought?”

“Is there a positive intention to hold on to this thought & feeling?”

“ Is this the reality I want to create? Or somebody else's.”

“Does this thought belong to me or somebody else?”

Our unconscious mind is constantly wiring information beyond our consciousness. We very often pick up belief systems from other people and make them a part of our identity. A way to strengthen our rational thinking and prefrontal cortex. It is healthy to question and allow our internal guiding system to become our guide.

Our Internal Guiding System

So what is our internal guiding system?

Our internal guiding system is rooted in our self-awareness. It can also be defined as your “gut instinct” or “inner-voice” and personally what I consider to be the strongest energy system we can tune into. When we are unsure, confused, distressed or “feeling lost” in ourselves. It is our internal guiding system that can bring us back to centre. All it involves us to do is to sit with our emotions and ask to be shown the way.

This is the highest form of emotional intelligence.

As we are living in our time where the world appears to be on hold and our routines altered significantly, it is important to recognise that it is ok to not know the answers whenever we feel stuck or lost in ourselves. We now have an opportunity to redirect our attention to begin asking real questions over superficial ones. So if you are worried about your business, family, loved ones. Trust that all the resources you need to cope lie within you.

Toolkit: Live the Question

“What do I need to focus my attention on?”

“Where should I focus my energy?”

“Where do I need to go?”

Surrender to the question. Live the question and the answers will be shown to you through your guiding system. Your intuitive centre will guide you through. Trust it fully.

About the Author

Cristina Lopez is an executive & performance coach. Cristina uses brain-based methods & extensively studies the neuroscience of leadership. She has coached leading business executives, social media influencers, & tech founders in Madrid, London, NY & San Francisco. Her goal is to bridge the gap between science & spirituality to improve performance & overall well-being.

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