How Psych-K Can Transform Limiting Belief Programming and Stress Triggers in Minutes

What if I told you your life is being run by a 6-year-old? 

Psychologists have determined that your personality is fully formed by the time you are about 6 years old. 

The most influential perceptual programming of the subconscious mind occurs from birth through age six. During that time, the child’s brain is recording all sensory experiences as well as learning complex motor programs for speech, crawling, standing, etc. Simultaneously, the child’s sensory systems are fully engaged, downloading massive amounts of information about the world and how it works.

By observing the behavioral patterns of people in their immediate environment—primarily parents, siblings, and relatives—children learn to distinguish acceptable and unacceptable social behaviors. It’s important to realize that perceptions acquired before the age of six become the fundamental subconscious programs that shape the character of an individual’s life”.

– Dr. Bruce Lipton (Aug. 17, 2010)

What this means is that you have formed all your beliefs and perceptions about yourself and the world around you by that time. Let that sink in for a minute…

Here’s another way to look at this. Your life is being run by a child who has lots of information by absorbing everything around her while her brain is predominantly in the meditative Theta state – as opposed to the Beta state which is highly alert and active in the present, but not a lot of experience. What this ultimately means is that decisions in your life about relationships, career, finances, etc. are being made by the programming of this 7-year-old child and all their fears and perceptions from their life thus far. This plays out in your life into your 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s and beyond unless you question and shift those beliefs to those that serve your life now. 

Statements we hear as a child are implanted into the subconscious and become the driving force behind our actions and beliefs. Some common ones are:

  • “You’re not good or smart enough”
  • “Can’t you do anything right?”
  • “What’s wrong with you?”
  • “You will never amount to anything”

There are many ways that you can become conscious of your self-limiting beliefs and different modalities to shift them. Since learning about a process called PSYCH-K®, this has become my go-to method to quickly, easy and many times, permanently shift them for both my clients and myself.

PSYCH-K®, is a unique process that transforms self-limiting beliefs, past trauma and stress triggers by communicating directly with the subconscious mind. It allows you to imprint new empowering beliefs into your subconscious in a matter of minutes. This is achieved by entering into a whole-brain state (the right and left hemispheres of the brain are in alignment) where the resistance to internalizing new information (beliefs) is reduced. This actual process is called a “balance”, as both hemispheres are in a balanced, whole-brain state. It’s kind of like deleting a document in a computer and rewriting and saving new information, as the subconscious functions based on what it’s programmed to do, unlike the conscious brain, which is creative and can initiate change.

When the thought of a past trauma or stressful experience causes the muscles to go weak when tested, it means that there is emotion tied to this event which has been stored in the body and the subconscious controls muscle function. Psych-k can remove the emotional connection to a stress trigger, therefore, neutralizing any stress that a past situation may trigger in the body. This can also be used for phobias or fears from childhood, transforming your life literally in minutes!

What’s great about this is that it doesn’t matter if a belief has been there for 20 years or 20 days, it can be shifted in a matter of minutes just like a document in a computer can be rewritten and saved, no matter how long it has been there. With this process, you can change beliefs that limit your self-esteem, relationships, job performance, finances, insomnia and sleep issues and even your physical health. 

Psych-K is good for anyone and everyone including infants, children and even pets. I have done a few balances on my cat as well as some client's pets and they respond really well. This is done by surrogating a balance just like I would for a remote session. What this means is that once I get “permission” from your superconscious, I am able to access your energy filed (much like a remote reiki session) and can muscle test on myself for your behalf. The way this is done is I state a desired goal and see if that tests strong or weak. A strong result means that this subconscious believes this to be true for you, and a weak response causes “stress” in the body because it is not in aligned with what has been “programmed”. This is highly effective and allows for sharing this process globally. 

PSYCH-K® stands for key to the psyche (mind)…the goal is to help you free your mind from beliefs that don’t allow you to be the fullest version of yourself. 

I have seen the impact of this work not only with my clients but also in my own personal experience and I love to share the impact that PSYCH-K® has on people’s lives. When people ask me how this modality has affected my life since I first became a facilitator almost 2 years ago, I almost cannot think of how it has NOT affected me. Part of being a facilitator is that you can do balances on yourself, which has proven to be one of the most incredible gifts I have ever given myself. 

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